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Government departments facing data quality problems

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Government officials have faced questions surrounding data quality issues after claims were made over the accuracy of its information, Government Technology Magazine has reported.

The publication has highlighted the problems that appear to be present in the progress with which the government has made regarding data collection and retention.

According to the article, US Senator Tom Colburn has claimed that poor data quality on US federal agency website is an example of mismanagement, with not enough "adequate" data concerning sub-awards and sub-grants.

Mr Colburn stated: "Right now isn't accurate … we can't manage America without that information."

In response to the claims federal chief information officer Vivek Kundra, revealed that the website would be undergoing a redesign in the near future.

The news comes after a recent survey found that governmental agency the Small Business Administration was being hampered because of inaccurate data quality issues.

It found that 92 per cent of the contracts conducted by the organization contained some form of error caused by poor data.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler