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Government goes mobile

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The United States government has recently made a concerted effort to bring itself in line with the technological trends dominating the enterprise world. These efforts have resulted in official policies for areas such as cloud computing, big data analytics and, now, mobile device management.

According to Signal, the government has begun to press into several mobile platforms. Rather than adopt a homogeneous approach to mobility, federal officials are interested in supporting types of phones outside of the BlackBerry devices previously employed exclusively. The source stated that new efforts include expanded data release policies based on secure information viewing on multiple operating systems.

New devices on government networks could mean data quality issues. Information will soon flow from the government to citizens and from one agency to another through a wide variety of channels. With millions of new ways to view data or to upload it, it behooves officials to employ data quality tools and make sure the widely-available figures are accurate.

EWeek recently highlighted other data concerns for organizations using mobile devices extensively. The source indicated that handheld device use by a company's customers creates its own information. That data should be kept and made available for analysis if companies are serious about mobility as an outreach method or high-level IT priority.