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Government looks at data strategies to realize big changes, improvements

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Earlier this week, the Big Data Commission of the TechAmerica Foundation released a report, called "Demystifying Big Data: A Practical Guide to Transforming the Business of Government," that explained how analytics strategies can be used to improve efficiency across a number of fields.

As AOL Government reports, one of the commission's leaders, Bill Perlowitz, who is also chief technology officer for the science, technology and engineering group at Wyle, explained that when organizations effectively deploy big data strategies, they can answer four important questions about their operations. These enable them to evaluate what has already taken place, the things that are currently going on, the events that will transpire in the future and results that might occur if companies make various decisions.

When moving forward with these plans, it's becoming critical that businesses have more than just the technology in place. To recognize the results they are hoping to achieve, companies also need data quality tools and expert analysts to cleanse and interpret the information.