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Government regulation defines data quality

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The U.S. government has recently taken a distinct interest in matters of IT importance. According to CircleID, the heavy attention paid to possible digital security legislation misses the fact that there is already a very important piece of IT legislation in place - the Data Quality Act, which regulates all information released by the government's executive branch.

According to the source, the act vouches for data quality and integrity even when the information in question was originally sourced from a private company. The ruling requires officials to ensure that the information comes from a safe source with a protected system and is objective and right for its stated purpose.

By releasing an act related to data quality, the federal government has codified some of the vital tenets of high-quality information. The source noted that firms must keep information in a secure manner, with good oversight, or be unable to release it. While most information is not bound for government use, the regulations could prove helpful as overall guidelines.

Governance and regulatory compliance efforts within companies can be complex and multifaceted. Consultant Danette McGilvray recently told TechTarget that successful programs should incorporate business users aware of how data works for a company in addition to IT employees.