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Government to look to the cloud in 2011

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Implementation of cloud-based technologies is set to be one of the key trends adopted by the government to help drive efficiency in 2011, Ovum has claimed.

A new report from the independent technology analyst has stated that government departments are likely to become "more open" to cloud software and outsourcing as the year progresses.

Jessica Hawkins, Ovum analyst and author of the study, confirmed that this would be the case, adding that security issues would, however, remain prevalent.

"We expect to see consumption-based and shared delivery models gaining momentum in 2011, as agencies become more open to the efficiencies that a cloud-based approach can offer," she said.

"However, issues of privacy and security will mean some governments will remain cautious."

In addition, Ovum analysts claimed that business process outsourcing (BPO) would also come to the forefront of helping streamline government services.

According to Ms Hawkins, the door to BPO, shared services and on-demand access will be more open in 2011 than ever before as organizations look to cut costs.

Posted by Richard Jones