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Governmental agencies need data quality measures in place to improve services

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Governmental agencies may wish to improve their data management processes to help them work in a more effective manner, it has been claimed.

As the world gets "flatter, smaller and smarter", governments are under increasing pressure to effectively utilize the information at their disposal, an article by Information Management has said.

"Smarter data management techniques can help them protect citizens, improve services and make the most of limited budgetary resources in the areas of public safety, taxation and social services," it stated.

In addition, data quality measures are likely to be at the forefront of any changes, with the news provider claiming that because of increased pressure on budgets and more public analysis there is little room for error.

Earlier this year, the US government faced questions surrounding data quality issues after claims were made over the accuracy of its information.

Government Technology Magazine reported that poor data quality on US federal agency website was an example of mismanagement, with not enough "adequate" data concerning sub-awards and sub-grants.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler