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Governments should embrace data management

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Governments looking to integrate and centralize a large amount of data should take advantage of data management systems that aim to consolidate information.

At a recent FutureGov conference, Ray O'Brien, architecture centre of excellence director for Teradata, claimed that governments should adopt the approach of commercial organizations by implementing data management systems.

According to Mr O'Brien "with an enterprise data warehouse, there are many innovative ways to store, manage and transform data into actionable information through integration across agencies and departments".

He continued stating that by integrating data state agencies would be able to better serve their citizens as it would give them clearer insights into areas such as logistics, homeland security, healthcare and intelligence.

Furthermore, while discussing consolidating data sources Mr O'Brien highlighted the importance of information to any business.

A fact that is backed up by research carried out by Datactics, which found that data quality was consistently voted the second most important asset a company has.

Posted by Richard Jones