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Governments should look to harness data quality

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The influx of data and information from a variety of sources means that governments must ensure that they have effective data quality standards in place.

Writing on the Future Gove website, Laurence Miller, editor-at-large, explained that many government departments are unable to make the most of the information at their disposal because of their lack of command over their records.

As such, Mr Miller said that public sector bodies needed to adopt data-as-a-service tools to improve the work that they do.

"By applying data-as-a-service in 2011, governments can achieve improvements in agility, cost-effectiveness and data quality, three areas of critical importance to government in the 21st century," he said.

Meanwhile, IT research analyst Gartner recently claimed that Data quality plays an important role in the implementation and running of master data management (MDM) projects.

According to the firm, MDM initiatives have the ability to improve business performance, lower costs and increase overall revenue.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler