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Green mail techniques can increase direct mail response

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Companies within certain demographics that use direct mail marketing strategies should invest in "green mail" techniques, it has been suggested.

According to an article by Target Marketing, some segments of the market can gain significant benefits from utilizing green initiatives.

Bob Merrigan, president of direct marketing agency Merrigan & Co, told the news provider that industries such as architecture, construction, energy development and automotives can gain a "significant return on that investment", from it.

"There are some market segments in which green messaging has far greater hold," he explains.

The news should highlight the importance of effective data quality to ensure that the correct demographic are being targeted.

However, the article warned that although it can be an effective means of boosting sales, in the current economic climate the increased cost to businesses means more investment is needed.

The website concludes that as the economy continues to grow so to will the use of "green mail" techniques among US marketers.