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Greenpeace urges companies to adopt eco-friendly data centers

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Greenpeace has released calls for companies to reduce their carbon footprint by replacing their data centers with renewable energy sources.

Fast growth in the IT industry has been blamed for the increasing amount of electricity that major organizations are now using, with the environmental activist claiming that by 2020 data centers will eat up 1,963 billion kilowatt hours of electricity.

New technologies which store data remotely on servers are being championed by Greenpeace, which is hoping companies will begin to focus on energy efficiency.

Tom Dowdall, greener electronics campaign coordinator at Greenpeace, told the BBC that the ultimate aim was to increase the number of businesses advocating renewable energy.

He continued: "We would like to see more examples of companies using purchasing power to drive an increase in renewable capacity."

A number of large enterprises and small-to-medium-sized businesses have revealed that they will be upgrading their existing databases and CRM systems this coming year.

Meanwhile, it has been noted that good data quality is one of the fundamental building blocks to ensuring a successful CRM system.

Posted by Paul Newton