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Half of companies 'in need of new data centers'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Research has found that a new data center will be required by around half of the world's large companies within the next year.

Conducted by Oracle, the survey found that a greater understanding of the benefits of data centers could be required.

Indeed, of those companies questioned, just 15 per cent were found to have more than 70 per cent of their environments virtualized.

Dermot O'Kelly, senior vice-president for Oracle hardware sales in EMEA, said that the market still appears not to be understanding the possible business return available from investment in data centers and other IT solutions.

He remarked: "The fast paced evolution of technology, coupled with the IT demands of individual departments has left many organizations burdened with complex, inefficient infrastructures, which are hindering the performance of the data center."

When scored out of ten, data center operators around the world averaged a mark of 5.28 in the survey.