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Half of small firms have lost data

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Almost half of small businesses have lost information stored in data management systems, it has been revealed.

New research by Carbonite polled 125 small US companies with between two and 20 employees and found that 48 per cent had experienced a data loss.

This figure is an increase from 42 per cent which claimed the same in December 2010.

Hardware and software failures, along with accidental deletion, were cited as the most common causes for loss of information, named as the root by 54 per cent.

Computer viruses accounted for 33 per cent of instances, while theft was only the cause of ten per cent.

Carbonite suggested that cloud computing provides an ideal solution for low-cost, automatic and continuous backup of data and records management systems in order to prevent loss.

Speaking to, Chris Downs, founder of, claimed that businesses need to start considering their data management systems as an asset.

Posted by Paul Newton