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Healthcare business intelligence adoption poised to grow

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The demand to improve data quality in the healthcare industry is driving the need for business intelligence solutions. According to a new study by research firm KLAS, the number of healthcare-related BI purchases is expected to increase dramatically over the next three years.

Roughly one-third of survey respondents said they will continue to use their current BI solutions, yet another third acknowledged they would most likely purchase new BI tools in the coming years. There are also some healthcare organizations that are planning to use a hybrid business intelligence strategy by utilizing services from multiple vendors, the study noted.

"Seventeen percent of the customers we spoke with said that they are using multiple BI solutions to meet various departmental and reporting needs," report author Joe Van De Graaff said. "And that number is likely to grow."

The advent of cloud, mobile and big data will continue to expand the business intelligence market over the next 10 years and drive the adoption of BI solutions outside the enterprise, according to a recent Gartner report. This will be especially true in the healthcare industry, as electronic health records and other technologies continue to be adopted.