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Healthcare companies turning to cloud for data quality consistency

Rachel Wheeler Archive
When cloud computing was first introduced, many healthcare facilities were hesitant to utilize the services for fear security inadequacies. As the cloud becomes more widely adopted by a wide range of industries, however, this trend is changing.

According to a new study conducted by Healthcare IT News, roughly one-third of healthcare organizations are currently using the technology to guarantee data quality, while nearly half of medical facilities have plans to use cloud computing to enhance database management in the future. The increasing adoption comes hand-in-hand with the need for off-site storage that enables applications and information to be accessible from anywhere.

According to a study by CompTIA, more healthcare organizations are adopting mobile technologies like electronic medical records.

"As mobile devices and applications have become more user-friendly, affordable and powerful, the appeal to businesses of all types, including healthcare providers, has grown exponentially," CompTIA research vice president Tim Herbert said.

As decision-makers adopt EHRs and implement bring-your-own-device programs, utilizing the cloud will enable companies to keep data quality consistent, regardless of how or where the information is accessed.

By Richard Jones