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Healthcare data quality firms to receive government cash boost

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The healthcare data center industry is expected to grow markedly under new plans for hospitals to adopt new electronic medical records systems announced by president Barack Obama.

According to New Jersey location consulting firm The Boyd company, the administration is poised to make $20 billion available to help upgrade paper-based records to electronic formats.

John Boyd, a consultant with the group, commented that states are likely to vie for companies seeking to open new data centers to store the new digital medical records.

He added: "This is the growth industry right now and it's because of this money coming from Washington."

Meanwhile, the Hazard Clinic in Kentucky commented that the move will enable healthcare providers to increase efficiencies, while empowering staff to deliver the best service possible.

Earlier this week, Charlton County 911 coordinator MeLisa Phillips, who works in Georgia, commented that the need for emergency services in the US to have correct address information is becoming increasingly important.