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Healthcare data quality remains an issue

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The fight to improve healthcare quality will doubtless involve technology as advanced systems become part of the fabric of many industries. A recent report from Boston Consulting Group studied healthcare systems in 12 countries and found that certain inefficiencies in the U.S. system are holding the country's providers back.

Data quality was one of the issues broached by the report, with authors suggesting that enablers enact thorough reviews to make sure that the information in their files is accurate.

"There currently exists no national mechanism for compelling providers to report outcomes to disease registries," reported BCG's Peter Lawyer. "Nor is there a unique patient identifier in place that would enable research to combine data across different disease states to examine the effect of complex comorbidities."

Up-to-date and correctly entered data is paramount in healthcare, where the delays and miscommunications caused by bad information can endanger patient health further.

According to a recent Government Health IT report, the amount of data stored and used by healthcare officials may soon increase greatly. The source reported that the CDC has initiated a big data project to track and prevent illness outbreaks. Big data has already taken the business world by storm.