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Healthcare, government and utilities set to drive CRM in 2011

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A new report has predicted that the healthcare, government and utilities industries will post the strongest growth in the CRM outsourcing market in 2011.

According to independent technology analyst Ovum, the three sectors will enjoy rapid growth over the coming 12 months.

In particular, the utilities market holds “significant promise” due to the fact that a large number of organizations are currently using antiquated and costly systems which are no longer viable to run in the current economic climate.

Meanwhile, Peter Ryan, author of the report and an Ovum lead analyst, explained that the use of CRM outsourcing is likely to occur at all levels of government in 2011.

“This will be driven by the need to reduce operating costs in the face of an increase in the number of calls from the public seeking advice on schemes such as unemployment benefits,” he said.

“At a time of economic uncertainty, we believe that government decision makers will view outsourcing overhead heavy contact centers as a wise move.”

Posted by Richard Jones