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Healthcare must adopt tools to reduce big data complexity

Rachel Wheeler Archive

Healthcare organizations will need to consider using advanced data quality tools in the coming years to ensure employees are able to access accurate and timely information. This was highlighted in a recent report by Intel, which said hospitals and other firms are increasingly deploying big data projects, making it more difficult than ever to manage and leverage digital resources.

Big data has been gaining momentum in the last several years, especially because employees are leveraging a broader range of online technologies. If the healthcare industry is to keep pace with the rest of the private sector's big data arms race, executives need to adopt innovative tools that make it easier to capture, store and analyze information, the report stated.

"Massive amounts of data are both a valuable asset and significant challenge for most healthcare systems because information is stored in different formats and is therefore difficult to analyze," said Ketan Paranjape, global director of healthcare and life sciences at Intel.

InformationWeek said healthcare firms can leverage innovative tools to ensure big data plans are carried out effectively. These solutions give employees better access to high-quality digital resources, strengthening big data initiatives.