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Healthcare needs advanced big data applications

Paul Newman Archive

A recent report by InformationWeek highlighted the growing market for big data, which is driving the need for organizations to adopt advanced applications that can streamline human tasks without jeopardizing security. As more companies deploy big data projects, the need for these solutions will rise proportionately.

Laura Teller, the CSO of a major predictive analysis firm, told InformationWeek that the healthcare industry in particular is in need of these applications because of ongoing data quality concerns.

"The area of healthcare billing, particularly hospital billing, is fraught with errors," Teller said, according to the news source. "A lot of it is handwritten and happens very quickly. So hospitals miss a ton of bills that they could - and should - legitimately bill for."

A study by TechNavio said the healthcare big data market is forecast to expand at a compound annual growth rate of more than 32 percent between 2011 and 2015. As hospitals and other facilities are increasingly burdened with managing substantial volumes of information, decision-makers need to consider using automated tools to reduce complexity and minimize error.