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Healthcare providers can use data quality verification to reach patients

Rachel Wheeler Archive
While many practices are getting on board with email messages and social networking to reach out to new customers, some might find direct mail is most effective. A recent article by Business 2 Community highlights this point, explaining that some target markets prefer to receive physical pieces of mail in their letterboxes.

Practices will only know the best way to communicate with patients if they know the market's preferences and have accurate updated information about those clients, the source adds.

If healthcare providers have tools for address verification and data quality, they can send out direct mail messages that may help them attract prospective clients, boost customer loyalty, increase referrals and reactivate lost patients, according to Chiropractic Economics.

On top of that, American Medical News reports that practices can use data quality checks to reduce late or non-payments. The source notes that with effective verification systems in place, practices can double-check clients' information, such as address and insurance data, to ensure bills are mailed to the correct person at the right location. That way, providers can avoid calling in bill collectors, which may be damaging to the physician's reputation.