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Healthcare revenue cycle management will help 'expand levels of care'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Revenue cycle management in the healthcare industry can be a useful tool for organizations looking to successfully adopt electronic medical records, it has been suggested.

Jordan Battani, principal at CSC Health Services, explains that the technology will help healthcare providers expand their levels of care to more patients.

Writing for Becker Hospital Review, the expert suggests that accountable care organizations (ACOs) need to find an effective way to share patient information across care venues.

"To achieve this reorientation and expansion, ACOs will require health IT and applications that enable the ability to recognize and capture data before, during and after the period when individuals become patients," Ms Battani said.

"You'll want to know about the financial activity happening with patients even when they're not in your facility because it's about expanding services across a continuum of care, even from a financial perspective."

Ms Battani added that provider network management and contract management will determine ACO investment in applications and processes.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler