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Healthcare to focus on data quality, analytics

Richard Jones Archive
While a number of industries are rapidly evolving, healthcare is changing particularly quickly due to the ongoing use of advanced technologies that decision-makers were previously opposed to using. A recent report by InformationWeek highlighted how big data is transforming how physicians improve quality care by analyzing digital resources more effectively.

Data quality will eventually take center stage as decision-makers recognize the importance of accurate information, InformationWeek noted.

"[Data analytics and predictive modeling] will also drive the use of technology to better engage patients more actively in their care," said Mark Hulse, CIO at Moffit Cancer Center, according to InformationWeek.

Another report by Information Management said deduplication software, integration solutions and other data quality tools are becoming more important in healthcare as facilities are increasingly responsible for massive volumes of sensitive records. Because these resources include confidential data like Social Security numbers and other essential information, hospitals and other organizations need to be sure employees prioritize accuracy.

If healthcare firms simply adopt management tools without focusing on quality, caregivers will not be able to deliver effective service to patients.