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High data management standards 'vital for businesses'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
US organizations should ensure that maintaining high data management standards should be a principal part of their business operations.

Indeed, this issue has become ever more prevalent over the past few years, an article on the Technology Evaluation website has suggested.

The news provider claimed that companies who are failing to maintain their databases to a high standard could find themselves facing a "host of problems" in the future.

This could involve problems relating to data quality, a lack of communication between different departments or challenges incurred through order processing and inventory control.

"With the amount of data in a typical organisation escalating dramatically, data management has become your most important intangible asset," the report added.

According to a recent article for DM News, possessing good quality data is the heart of all good business decision making.

As such, the news provider stated that there is a good case for continued investment in market analytics from marketing departments.

Posted by Richard Jones