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Holiday season brings a spike in CRM activity, expert claims

Rachel Wheeler Archive
US consumers are now more willing than ever before to share their views with the companies which they are buying from, it has been reported.

As a result, businesses have been urged to ensure that their CRM systems are ready to deal with the influx of data which they could be presented with.

CRM Buyer has suggested that the arrival of the holiday season in particular will bring with it a rise in the number of customers willing to share their views on their experience.

"Following up with customers after the holidays is also critical; it could be that your marketing is great, but your product or pricing is the problem," the news provider states.

"The same email system that sends marketing messages can also be used to ask questions; don't let that opportunity go to waste."

Furthermore, organizations have been told to ensure that their IT systems are prepared for a spike in activity around the holiday period, with increased usage likely to place pressure on IT departments.

"Keep an eye on how far your computing infrastructure bends - start looking at cloud-based solutions … that allow you to flex your capacity without making a permanent investment," the article added.

Posted by Richard Jones