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Hospital efficiency can rise through data

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Healthcare is a vital service to the public, and keeping costs down and efficiency high could lead to dramatic savings. A recent Healthcare IT News report suggested one area where data could make a significant medical difference - determining which patients require antibiotic treatment.

"Informatics tools that are increasingly available out there could provide clinicians with locally relevant, up-to-date data on what's going on in their communities. And if they have access to that data in real time, it will make a difference at the point of care," said epidemiologist researcher Ari Robicsek, according to the source.

Healthcare IT News reported that a study by a team headed by Robicsek determined that clinics could improve their data analysis procedures with the aid of widespread electronic health records. Medicine's direct effects on well-being mean data quality in the field could be absolutely critical relative to other data cleansing efforts.

Healthcare data collection procedures are far from perfect at present. A recent Government Accountability Organization study raised warnings about a clinical trial on the effects of injection administration. The report noted that data collection had stopped, making it impossible to measure the process' current effectiveness.