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Hospital network completes data management overhaul

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A five-hospital network operated by Meridian Health in New Jersey has just completed a lengthy project designed to improve information management and protect data quality.

It has been five years since Meridian first began moving away from paper-based working at the sites, storing the data instead on Excel spreadsheets.

However, company growth soon made this inadequate, and the firm took the decision to centralize all its clinical research information under one umbrella system.

Ernest W Richards, corporate director of research services for Meridian Health, said that when the project started, the firm had just a handful of clinical trials, now it is responsible for 200 on-going studies.

"[Our new system] had the functionality that we needed to manage clinical research across all therapeutic areas and integrate clinical trials financials and billing," he added.

The Drug Information Association recently called for better data management processes to protect data quality in clinical research.

Posted by Paul Newton