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Hosted CRM solutions 'hold many benefits'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Globally, organizations are beginning to realize the power an effective customer relationship management (CRM) solution can hold, one industry commentator has said.

However, not all businesses are so readily looking to move to a hosted CRM platform because of perceived risks.

Writing for TCM Net, Susan Campbell highlights the numerous benefits that a hosted CRM can offer companies, with it allowing them to stay up to date with the latest innovations without the "heavy investments in ongoing support".

"Hosted CRM is more than just managing customer relationships in the cloud; it is an overall business strategy," Ms Campbell explains.

"Taking advantage of hosted CRM enables an organization to leverage the latest tools available on the market to consistently improve performance and customer interactions."

She continues, adding that with a hosted CRM model all of the information gathered into the solution is readily available for anyone in the organization to access.

According to industry expert Mike Welsh, direct marketing can play an important role in improving an organization's CRM system, Marketing Week reports.

Indeed, Mr Welsh explains that companies are increasingly focussing on retaining and developing their relationships with their existing customers.

Posted by Richard Jones