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How data enrichment can rapidly improve customer service

Rachel Wheeler Archive

If companies have access to data about their customers that is comprehensive and free of even the most minor mistakes, they can use it to deliver better consumer care on a real-time basis. This is a complicated pursuit, but with recent advancements in technology, it's becoming easier.

People today have a lot of avenues for sharing their information with their favorite brands. Every time they download a smartphone app or log their comments on a social media page, for instance, they're prompted to share little tidbits about themselves, such as their spending habits or contact information.

Often, though, this data is incomplete. When you're working with online users who fill out forms quickly and haphazardly, this is a fairly common problem. That's why companies can rely on data enrichment solutions for plugging the holes in the information they collect.

Having complete information is important because it enables companies to take fast action and respond to people's needs. In this era, when people demand service instantly, that's important, as Business 2 Community emphasized.

"The dynamism, high interaction rates and culture of 'nowism' that is so much a part of present-day society is here to stay," explained Roy Goffer, director of marketing at nanoRep. "Thus, the emphasis is now rapidly shifting towards e-commerce websites providing real-time data to bolster the overall service that customers receive."

Enhanced data is the key. If a consumer demands service in real time, but your phone number or email address for that individual is inadequate, the person might leave and find another business that can deliver more quickly.

Data enhancement helps companies improve the segmenting of their client bases and targeting of their communications. This helps add velocity and accuracy to every consumer-facing action that businesses take.