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HP and Toshiba to collaborate on cloud

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Hewlett-Packard and Toshiba are set to collaborate on cloud computing and related infrastructures.

The two companies are to "identify and develop opportunities" in order to supply cloud-related services to suitable sectors.

IT expertise is to come from HP and Toshiba will provide its domain knowledge in critical infrastructure areas.

It is hoped that the collaboration will make way for HP's deployments of products and services already under research.

Included in these are efforts in cloud services, security, solar energy and infrastructure development.

Meanwhile, Toshiba is hoping that the collaboration will help to grow its Smart Community Business Division, which was formed last year.

The project is focused on the modernization of infrastructure and the building of smart grids.

Meanwhile, it is hoped that cloud computing and other 'smart community' business IT options, could develop substantial financial returns.

The news follows an announcement from HP that it is threatening legal action against a software firm that has indicated it will end software development of HP's Itanium chip-based servers.