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HR data quality key to process success

Rachel Wheeler Archive
In recent discussions with TechTarget, professionals and analysts in the HR dashboard field emphasized that HR processes are likely to fail unless companies carefully tend to the data underlying the systems. Analytics is a booming field, one that has made companies more cognizant than ever that their data is a valuable resource.

The experts told TechTarget that making sure an HR strategy is aligned with the business is critical, as is making sure the data involved is managed carefully. With analytics processes increasingly moving out of IT and into human resources departments themselves, a new group of users must step up and make sure the data is correctly maintained.

"If you are creating decision support information, then that data needs to be tested and clean. Just like any data warehouse effort, data cleansing is often a separate exercise prior to widespread distribution of the dashboard," analytics expert Lois Melbourne told the source.

A recent baseline report on the changing role of data in the enterprise found that many companies have data fractured and scattered in distinct silos. Analytics exert Scott Schlesinger told the source that companies must unite their applications, eliminating redundancy and simplifying the way data is kept and used.