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IBM announces new data storage hardware

Rachel Wheeler Archive
New business intelligence solutions could be needed by companies who are keen to make use of IBM's new mass storage device.

The company has announced a new tape storage offering, with enhanced archiving and deduplication offerings, which it hopes will assist clients in efficiently storing and extracting intelligence from massive amounts of data.

According to IDC, demand for storage capacity worldwide is set to grow at an annual compound rate of 49.8 per cent between 2009 and 2014. 

As such, new business intelligence options and methods for handling 'big data' will be in demand.

Brian Truskowski, general manager of IBM system storage and networking, remarked that the company is working to develop storage solutions for "smarter computing".

The firm added that using tape and disk together can be of benefit to clients who require tiered storage that enables them to store data within different tiers based on their data priorities.

This can help to reduce the cost to clients in the long-term by a substantial amount.