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IBM charts rise of web sales through mobile devices

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Further research has highlighted just how important it is for internet sellers to optimize a website for mobile use.

A study by IBM indicates that of all the US citizens logging on to a retailer's website during the holiday season, 15 per cent will do so from a mobile device.

In October, 11 per cent of shoppers used a mobile device to access a retail website - a 6.8 per cent rise since October 2010.

This was converted to sales, with mobile devices now accounting for 9.6 per cent of online retail transactions.

The rise of the smartphone and tablet has helped to push the internet retail market forward, with a 15 per cent increase in traffic expected this month, compared to November 2010.

President and chief executive officer of eBay John Donahoe recently claimed that continued use of smartphones is beginning to "blur the lines" between m-commerce and e-commerce.

He added that it is therefore vital for web sellers to view them in the same manner.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler