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Idaho business scams underline need for address verification

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The importance of credit card and address verification processes has been underlined in a recent spate of scams in Idaho.

In a recent case involving Idaho Falls business Computer Guy, an order was placed for $17,000 worth of laptops using a stolen credit card.

The fraudster requested that the order be delivered to an address in Denver and provided prepaid shipping fees, according to the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

After sending five high-end laptops to the address, the company found out that the credit card used for the purchase was stolen, resulting in the loss of both products and money.

BBB chief executive Dale Dixon explained: "If you get an unusually large order for products, or from someone out-of-state that you don't normally do business with, take the time to check it out first.

"If it's legitimate, the caller won't mind. If not, you won't get caught in a scam."

At the start of this month, the Federal Trade Commission issued an alert to small businesses warning them to be on the look out for emails from them with the subject line "URGENT: Pending Consumer Complaint".

The FTC claims that the email is not, in fact, from them, and advises businesses against clicking on any links or attachments if they receive it.

Posted by Paul Newton