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IDC: China takes lead on PC shipments

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Online retailers using address standardization software may wish to think about how they can improve their marketing processes to target Chinese consumers.

According to new research from the International Data Corporation (IDC), PC shipments to the Chinese market exceeded those to the US in the second quarter of 2011.

A total of 18.5 million units worth $11.9 billion were shipped in China during the three-month period, highlighting the growing consumer base in the Asian country.

Over the full year, the IDC still expects US shipments (73.5 million units) to exceed those for China (72.4 million), but only slightly.

Loren Loverde, program vice-president at Worldwide PC Tracker, said that China's lead in the PC market represents a "huge shift".

"While the immediate economic circumstances in the US and other markets had a significant impact on the timing of China's move to the lead, they have not changed the trend, but accelerated it," he added.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler