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Identify the 'cause' before tackling data quality initiatives

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Organizations should ensure that they identify the cause of data quality problems before they try and tackle the issue, it has been suggested.

This is the view of David Loshin, president of the consulting, training and system design and implementation company Knowledge Integrity, who believes that pressing ahead with improvements without knowing the cause of a problem is one of the main mistakes in data quality initiatives.

Speaking to the IT Business Edge website, he explained that while some businesses have "built data correction into their organizational structure", their money may be better spent elsewhere.

"Budgets might be better allocated to cause analysis and eliminating the sources of the problems," Mr Loshin told the news provider.

Meanwhile, recent research from Experian QAS has found that data quality improvements can help to increase a company's profits.

The firm's latest survey found that organizations that have made developments to their data quality processes in the past two years have generated an average of $1.2 million in additional profits.

Posted by Richard Jones