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Importance of data quality in record management highlighted

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Growing volumes of data and its increasing importance in national government has meant that record managers need to be diligent in recognizing more efficient practices.

Gordon Brockington, director of the public sector division of record management firm Iron Mountain's UK arm, said that the importance of data quality is becoming more important as e-government tools require the storage of citizens' personal data.

He said: "Governments are holding more information – in physical and digital forms – about citizens. In such an information environment, it's increasingly important that we are diligent in adhering to best practices in records management – to ensure that our citizens' data is not lost, misused or stolen."

Mr Brockington's comments come after the US government's recovery program came under criticism last week after information on its website concerning aid and job recovery around the country was found to have glaring mistakes.

Nearly 4,000 data reports and several pieces of important financial information appeared blank.