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Importance of data quality investment highlighted

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Data quality can have an impact on businesses either because employees feel they must check data for possible data discrepancies or because they are too quick trust the data simply because it is computer-generated.

This is according to ITBusinessEdge's Mike Vizard, who said that investment in data quality and data management can alleviate some of the problems stemming from a lack of confidence in the report-compilation process.

"Once bad data is inserted into a business process, it tends to corrupt everything in that process as it continues to be replicated through sometimes hundreds of applications," he said.

While this manual checking of data "raises crucial questions about the value of IT", the IT expert also said that a large number of business professionals are making decisions and forming judgements "based on bad data".

This is because some data users he explains, "implicitly believe" the information contained in a reported because it originated from a computer.