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Improve customer relationships with address verification software

Rachel Wheeler Archive

Address verification software will help reduce errors at the point of entry and cut down on costly mistakes associated with incorrect address data, it has been claimed.

Software expert Calvin Couris noted that businesses can improve their customer relationship by ensuring that consumers avoid charges caused by inputting wrong delivery details.

"Most courier companies charge their customers a fee if they ever make a mistake in the labeling of a shipment or in filling out a shipping label. Using address verification can help make sure that many less mistakes occur in labeling addresses," he added.

Writing for Boosh News, the specialist explained that the technology would flag up any issues with the address, which will prevent the delivery from being scheduled until it is resolved.

The news could encourage more organizations to utilize the service, with it likely to enhance customer service.

A recent article for TMCnet claimed that address verification software is "vital" for businesses if they wish to "thrive" in a world where information pertaining to location is important for success.

Posted by Richard Jones