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Improve customer service for better results

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Good customer service helps to increase loyalty within an organization's customers, it has been stated.

Speaking to DMNews in an interview, marketing expert Michelle Thomas has claimed that by keeping clients satisfied businesses are able to increase the likelihood of them returning.

Ms Thomas drew attention to the fact that companies do not have to spend excessive amounts of money on building brand awareness if they are able to successfully offer good customer service.

"I think it is about being consistent and providing a great customer experience and making it a place that people seek out as part of their consideration set," she added.

"It is about putting the "wow" factor into the experience."

Marketers looking to implement one-to-one campaigns should ensure that they personalize content such as address data in order to improve their customer service.

A recent study by a major US mailer showed that the outer wrapper of a package is also important in determining whether an item is opened.

Posted by Richard Jones