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Improve customer service with address verification tools

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Address verification tools are an important part of a company's customer service strategy, it has been suggested.

UK-based business Postcode Anywhere has claimed that the tools can help organizations to effectively and efficiently deal with customers.

In particular, the company highlights the success of address verification tools when used in a call centre environment.

Guy Mucklow, managing director at the firm, said: "Correct data is the grease that keeps the cogs of any call centre working."

"Without it, customers cannot be dealt with efficiently, leads are lost and the process breaks down - resulting in upset callers and lasting reputation damage."

Earlier this month, TCM Net reported on the implementation of Experian QAS's QAS ProWeb address verification tools at online retailer Overstock.

Indeed, the news provider said that the software had helped Overstock to reduce its logistical and care costs by $1 million, while improving the overall customer experience.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler