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Improve data center efficiency, businesses told

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Businesses looking to make bottom line savings for their business can do so by improving the efficiency of their data centers.

Green IT Magazine has suggested that businesses' data centers use the equivalent in energy needed to power 3,000 homes on a daily basis.

Josh Boulton, publisher at the news provider, explained that energy is "probably the biggest single factor that the industry can reduce" in a bid to make real savings.

His comments follow research from Devoteam which found that 90 per cent of companies were working to improve energy efficient in their data centers.

"It's the logical place to start and with oil prices climbing every day and the cost of energy going up, it's one area where [introducing] power reduction into your virtualization techniques you see an impact on your bottom line straight away," Mr Boulton said.

Added to this, he suggested that even small amendments to data center energy use could be more effective than encouraging people to switch to low energy light bulbs.

Posted by Rachel Wheeler