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Improving contact lists can bolster financial stability

Rachel Wheeler Archive
There is a looming concern about companies' financial stability heading into 2013, according to Business 2 Community. Many firms are just now climbing out of deficits accrued during the Great Recession and are starting to see stronger sales. However, anticipated tax hikes and budgeting restrictions have anxious business owners talking about a 4 percent economic contraction in the next year.

In anticipation of any further drawbacks, businesses can bolster sales numbers and solidify relationships with clients by taking a look at their contact lists, the source advices. This strategy can help companies upsell or cross-sell to current clients or reach out to those who have fallen out of contact.

For the most successful campaigns, marketers can take new approaches when planning email outreach, ContactDB reports. Using subscribers' social and mobile information may be a better way to engage with ever-connected customers who are used to receiving real-time notifications no matter where they are.

Additionally, if companies have strong contact data quality that goes beyond just clients' names and addresses, including birth dates or information about preferences, they can send out personalized emails, the source explains. Sending out tailored messages can boost open rates and increase the likelihood of closing deals.