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‘Incorporate social media’ into customer communication

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Businesses engaged in customer communications have been reminded about the importance of keeping up to date with the latest trends and technology.

Marketers must not ignore the growth of social media outlets and channels such as Twitter and Facebook in recent years, according to an article by

As these social mediums continue to grow in popularity, marketing professionals face the challenge of finding the best way to integrate them within their customer communications.

“Although the effective integration of these channels holds undeniable potential, successful implementation requires careful strategic planning,” the report stated.

Indeed, the news provider recommends that organizations look to use social media as a means of increasing the share-ability of email messages.

To this end, marketers are encouraged to entice recipients to share their messages by ensuring that they contain personalized, relevant content, alongside links to suitable social media sites.

Recently, the Econsultancy Email Marketing Census revealed that 26 per cent of respondents working in the industry see improving their list/data quality as a key area of focus this year.