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Incorrect address data can be costly

Rachel Wheeler Archive

The importance of getting address data correct has been highlighted in an article by the Wall Street Journal.

According to the news provider, individuals who fill out address labels incorrectly could face costly penalties from some of the leading US postal service providers.

"Not filling out an address label correctly costs money to fix, even if the mistake is fairly minor: Say you write 'Drive' instead of 'Boulevard' but list the right city and Zip Code," the article notes.

The Journal recommends that people take advantage of the free address verification software which is available for use on various services providers' websites, which should prevent costly mistakes from occurring.

Earlier this year, Doug McCrea, a board member at AcquireWeb, told DMNews that current and correct address data is vital for marketers who are looking to strengthen their brands and increase sales.

The expert accepted that improving the quality of existing data can be a "daunting task" for many organizations, but he claims that it can lead to a reduction in costs and an improvement in ROI.

Posted by Richard Jones