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Increased data delivery speeds can help business intelligence

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Today's technology revolves around speed and mobility, and many users are demanding faster access to important business data. As smartphones and tablets evolve with our tech-savvy culture, the access to business intelligence (BI) data has become more versatile and far-reaching than in previous generations.

Businesses are regularly employing the use of data quality integration tools to enhance the efficiency of data and help satiate user demand in the growing mobile market, as Tech Target notes.

In order to take advantage of these and many other benefits associated with data quality solutions, many businesses are feeding BI data directly to mobile devices. Doing so can dramatically increase the delivery and speed of important information.

"Mobility enables access to information in real time and helps in providing timely and actionable inputs," Soumendra Mohanty, head of Accenture's global information management services, told the source.

By implementing data quality tools, a business can be enhanced on multiple levels, leading to more efficient manufacturing operations and better inventory management. When used in combination, these results could produce an increase in profits by reducing overall operational costs.

By Richard Jones