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Increasing levels of information make data quality 'difficult'

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The high level of information which organizations now have to process and store is making data quality initiatives difficult.

Industry expert Jim Harris has explained that data "is now everywhere" and the challenge was finding innovative ways to "derive business insight" from the growing stream of information.

Writing on his OCDQ blog, Mr Harris added that data has spread from spreadsheets and databases to new mediums such as Facebook, Twitter and blog posts.

"The challenge is can we somehow manage to listen for business insights among the endless cacophony of chaotic data volumes and use those insights to enable better business decisions," he said.

Meanwhile, Ian Huckle, chief executive officer of international consultancy Business and Decision, recently claimed that businesses need to ensure that they possess high quality information to make ''confident and consistent'' business decisions.

As such, he suggested that an increasing number of companies are now paying more attention to implementing schemes which are designed to improve their data quality processes.

Posted by Richard Jones