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Indian Trail council member seeks address verification

Rachel Wheeler Archive
A council member in Indian Trail, North Carolina, is seeking ZIP Code verification for the town which is currently covered by five separate ZIP Codes.

Only one of the five codes is actually officially listed as Indian Trail, which has just over 26,000 residents, while the remaining four are officially within places like Monroe, Waxhaw and Matthews, despite covering Indian Trail properties, reports the Charlotte Observer.

According to town council member Gary D'Onofrio, the issue is causing confusion for residents who find discrepancies in where they consider their homes to be located and where their tax dollars end up.

Mr D'Onofrio told the paper: "At the end of the day, where people live is defined by where people get their mail. There are a lot of people who are very, very confused about where they live."

The council member intends to campaign for a single ZIP Code for the whole town.

In other news, address verification is being used by the Food Bank of Western New York to make sure the right people are benefitting from their deliveries, according to the Post-Journal.