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Indiana town may get own ZIP Code

Rachel Wheeler Archive
The town of Westfield, Indiana, may get its own ZIP Code to help avoid confusion with nearby Carmel, where several thousand homes and businesses are officially registered.

The homes and businesses are registered in Carmel despite being situated within the Westfield town boundaries and Andy Cook, mayor of Westfield, says over $200,000 of tax revenue has been wrongly allocated to Carmel in recent years, reports

In addition, businesses in Westfield have found address data confusion hampers their ability to send out direct mailings, potentially causing a loss of business revenue.

Clarifying the boundary issues could lead to the correct tax revenues reaching their intended destination more quickly, while businesses could find they are able to send out promotional information to the right ZIP Codes easily.

In other news, many US businesses could choose to use zip code software for arrangements such as employee car pools in case public transport systems are affected by another outbreak of swine flu this winter, according to the Washington Business Journal.