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Industry heads defend direct marketing

Rachel Wheeler Archive
Several industry heads have come to the aid of direct mail marketing and catalogues after several city councils made moves to impose bans.

The defense came in response to several environmental groups attacking companies' Christmas catalogues and calling them wasteful, the San Jose Mercury reported.

However, Sue Geramian, vice-president of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), told the newspaper that any council regulations are unnecessary as the industry is perfectly capable of regulating itself.

She added: "We are in favor of consumers having choice to receive or not receive the mail they don't want. But we do not believe there should be a national 'do not mail' list. Direct marketers work very hard to make sure they only reach customers that want their products."

An estimated 17 billion catalogues were sent out in the US last year, which equates to nearly three times the population of the planet.

The DNM said that advertising mail generated $702 billion in sales last year, providing 3.5 million jobs, with companies such as Pottery Barn and Victoria's Secret sending out regular product catalogues.