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Information volume growth drives data management investments

Paul Newman Archive
Consumers and businesses are generating mountains of data every minute, as some predictions place the volume upward of 50 terabytes each second. As people use social media and mobile devices more often on a daily basis, this information growth will continue in the coming years and force the private sector to change tactics in their approach to information maintenance.

This was highlighted in a recent study by Symform, which said the rapid growth of digital resources is forcing decision-makers to invest more heavily in data quality and management solutions capable of helping firms embrace this trend. Because today's generation is considered "always on," the expanding of information will not likely cease anytime soon.

In addition to basic management tools, organizations may also invest in analytic solutions that can decipher and classify resources based on their content, Symform noted. This was echoed in another IDC study.

"Big data solutions are going to be a significant differentiator for the businesses that are able to use them to change their competitive positions," said Craig Stires, research director for big data and analytics at IDC.

As the private sector progresses, having the right data quality tools will make all the difference.